Help out causes around the world while you socialize!

Looking for: Designer, Developer
We are building a facebook app (its in alpha stage) that helps you help out while doing what you normally do!

We link your cause, institutionalized causes, ngo's, sustainability projects, etc...(whatever brings some light to someone else or even better, groups of people)...

We help this causes get a sponsor via a business model that is attractive to big businesses, local medium/small sized businesses and individuals who can also make a donation!

Thanks to facebook, every party can get the most out of this experience... Regular users/supporters feel good, because their simple actions trascend, so we transform the phrase "good intentions ARE good enough". THIS IS WHAT TECHNOLOGY IS FOR!

Businesses also get a better image and we are also as consumers/supporters letting them now that we want them to change their culture, to a more caring and sustainable models. Theyre in it for the money, so they will see that changing their culture is something they HAVE TO do, to keep in business!

And the best of all, ALL CAUSES meet their goals! hence we live in a better place!

Where we are at:
-This project is currently in alpha stage, we put it out there within a testing group, and we identified a few flaws or things that could be improved in regards to the user experience and other ideas that came up for building a better plattform so its also VERY attractive to businesses (we have  an amazing internet marketing specialist on our team!). 
-We are about to start implementing this improvements

What we are looking for?
-An amazing "green minded" designer! 
-An amazing earthly facebook application developer 
-An angel investor (its not really that much of an investment, so its really a great opportunity, we just need some more funds for this last bit)

*About equity: Depends on what you are interested. But dont worry, we can get to an agreement, this is about doing the project, and its all about being fair and doing things different!

Estimated time from where we are to a Beta:
-3 to 4 weeks

Cool things to consider:
-We have a kick ass brand name
-We would be basically pioneers in these type of scheme
-We have very cool people on our team, with lots of knowledge 
-We are very close to the finish line, we just need a little extra effort

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: closed beta