Healthy food service and engine for companies

Looking for: Engineer

FeedMyCrew (FMC) has being created to improve health and happiness at your workspace through tasty and high-quality food.

More and more organisations realise about the importance of having a healthy team. That's way companies such as Google provide free food to their employees - keep your employees healthy and happy to have a productive work enviroment.
At FMC companies can subscribe to a lunch plan, that can be partially or fully paid between them and the employee. FMC wants to make healthy food available for small and medium size businesses no matter the size of the budget.

Our technology should bring two solutions to the table:

- Users would be able to keep track of their meals, calories consumed, and at some point build an engine for meal suggestions based on diet (vegan, veggie, paleo, lactose free) and preferences

- Create a marketplace that will connect our food producers and the clients: a backend to handle menus, orders and some of the logistic, as well as an user-friendly front-end for the end user to pick their meals on a daily basis

So far we have set the bases for the product and the business. We have great customer validation, industry insights and group of mentors and connections that will help us to get through the stealth face.
Currently we are looking for a developer/product (with django/python experience) person to join as a co-founder. However, we are also welcoming everyone that can contribute make this idea a reality in exchange of equity. Therefore if you are a designer, biz dev, food expert or just someone that likes the idea, please don't hesitate contacting me to have a chat.

Additional Info

  • Website:
  • Time commitment: over time (>40h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development