Health support and information when needed, where needeed

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Other

Rhea mHealth is a social enterprise focused on bringing to market mobile health products and services supporting women with their health and wellbeing. Our mission is to connect women with health support and information to make informed decisions for their health and those they care for. We are developing a mobile platform allowing women to exchange mobile messages with organisations delivering support and information on healthcare issues.

The use of mobile messaging has become widespread and ubiquitous.
It is cheap and private. It works on most mobile phones, it allows social networking and can reach out to young people, allowing them to share their thoughts and feelings.  Mobile messaging can offer health support organisations a communication channel to reach women in a secure and convenient way. This is particularly suitable to reach women who are more difficult to engage with, such as younger women, isolated women, women lacking confidence, women who prefer anonymity or have limited language skills. 

Our initial market target is breastfeeding women and breastfeeding support organisations. 
The platform allows women to exchange messages with breastfeeding supporters in a secure, private and vetted way. We provide women with an app that allow them to exchange text messages securely with breastfeeding supporters at any time. With this app, women can ask questions and discuss thoughts and feelings. Breastfeeding supporters using our app will offer these women support, information and the reassurance they need to make informed decisions.


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