H_ is for Holidays: Get on the Calendar

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Other
H_Daily is the Social Media Calendar of Occasions. I am Crystal, the Chief Ambassador of Occasions (ChAOs). As a Co-Founder, not only will you recieve a wacky acronym as your official title, but you will a part of something fun, a little peculiar, and really ambitous! A precaution, though: bah-humbugs get a lump of coal--meaning this is business made of  research + technology & humanity + art, please be ready for that. Alone, I have built a growing presence in the major social media spaces, drew up the concept, got a rough prototype built, and put the and business model on paper. The H_ needs h_elp moving forward. An ideal Co-Founder will believe in the concept and its direction will have something to contribute to either the technical or creative side of the business. So let's chat, I would rather talk more about business of H_Daily one-on-one. Thx.

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