Seeking a passionate RoR ninja to join our amazing team

Looking for: Developer

We are looking for a passionate full stack developer to join our team and lead the development. Someone who above all is a pleasant person to work with and has extensive experience as a developer in Ruby on Rails, both client and server sides. Team management are desired yet optional.

Our web app - add, manage and display your customer testimonials on your site.

Everybody recognizes the importance of web testimonials, but in reality most people never truly believe what they read. The web is filled with fake testimonials, and even the major review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and the likes suffer from large scale manipulation. 
Spectoos is here to change that. We believe that every testimonial should be linked to a social profile that can be verified by anyone. Our mission is to convert one site after the other, allowing website owners to build trust with their audience and generate more business in return.

As part of Spectoos team you’ll help build new features, improve our product develop new products and make sure we are covered from the technical aspect. 
At Spectoos each one holds his areas of responsibility, but all of us contribute and help in making Spectoos awesome. You’ll share the ideas and thoughts that can help us create amazing value for our users. Being part of Spectoos is collaborative and positive, we work together as a team and leave our ego aside.

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