Ground UP: Building the Donation Services Industry Using Worker-Owned Coops

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Other

Ground UP is building the donation services industry as worker-owned cooperatives - from the ground up and for the ground up.  The donation services industry represents the most positive and promising new industry that can extend economic opportunity to those now ground up by poverty.

What is the donation services industry?  

Two existing services:

•  Gentle Disposition - caring services for families who have lost a loved one and need help clearing their belongings - or entire home - and want the community to benefit from what their loved ones leave behind.

•  DoughNation Services LLC - Gentle Disposition's predecessor (far more difficult to introduce; great repeat business rate).

One conceptual service:

• Halves restaurant food donation program.  Promoting the idea that 'Good food tastes better shared'  restaurant diners who prefer smaller portions choose to pay a little more and receive a little less.  The extra paid goes to creating 'rightovers' - food that is packaged and delivered to organizations feeding hungry people, instead of leftovers thrown in the trash leaving hungry people the only option of diving in to get them.

And innumerable other enterprises that can be spin-off and be fed by the 'donation stream'.

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