Global first: Crowd sourced virtual business agency and accommodation address

Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Sales person
This is kind of an Air-BnB for sales agents.
…it’s a dating agency that connects agents with "off-shore" vendors....or alternatively it’s a new path for vendors to discover representative agents.
This is an entirely new service sector potentially employing many thousands of people in meaningful value added work.
This is a Global Market Opportunity.
This internet idea does not use advert revenue.
This idea should create a revenue stream within weeks of launch.
The best way to describe this is to paint just one of many use-cases:
Lets call this new business "" (MLBA...or maybe MBA?)
MLBA User A is a (hungry) China-based business (with say factories in China but no office or representation in the UK or indeed appropriate fluent English language skills)
User A would love to do business in the UK.  User A cannot afford to set up in the UK.
The Chinese business makes a fabulous product X that serves an industry Y
User A has a web site with contact details ONLY in China.
International site visitors visit the Chinese site but are not inclined to call a business based solely in China.
A third party with written and vocal language translation skills
User A is a freelance, fully employed or unemployed individual based in the UK that has meaningful expertise in industry Y.
A connects to B, online and...
MLBA User B discovers User A via "".   
A and B communicate either directly in a common language (or indirectly through an appointed translator C)
B agrees to act as local representative Agent for A.
User A displays contact details of B on their Chinese web site.
User B facilitates an "accommodation and expert telephone call handling/management service" for User A.
Unlike using a call centre, incoming calls are handled by people that can professionally
deal with off-script business development conversations.
Revenue is derived from the service provided by B for A (optionally via C).
I don’t think anything like this exists!

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