getPLACEINFO - Provides photos & videos from any place around the world on-demand.

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person

getPLACEINFO service is designed to provide photos & videos or another information from any place around the world on demand. Users can select desired place on the map, where the information should be taken, and create instructions for a person who will take the information. For instance, for requesting photos a user should specify a place (described by longitude and latitude) where a person, who takes the photo should stay and also the user should specify direction where the person, who takes the photo should turn a camera. The service provides facilities and resources to prepare instructions correctly.

There are two types of users in the system:

  • customer is a person who can submit orders for information from the desired place;
  • performer: is a person who is located at the required place and can complete the order for a customer.

A user can be both a customer and a performer simultaneously. Using the service customers can attain any information related to the place. The information can be provided both, free of charge just on voluntary bases and also performers can sell their services. At the moment the website ( is implemented only for photos but now it is in development and next version will be updated with a mobile version of getPLACEINFO service.

You can find detailed information about the idea here:

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