Game changing website: visualise charity & global good projects

Looking for: Developer
It's a site which enables visitors to visualise all of the individual projects of all the charities thoughout the world (think for charity projects). You will be able to see information about each project, you can donate money to spesific projects (not just the charity as a whole), participate by helping out with the project either with feet on the ground or with your skill set. Visitors will also be able to crowdsource ways to complete each project enabling smarter use of money and a democratic decition making process. 

Users will also be able to create their own project. For example organise an event to clean up their local neighbourhood park. You can get participants and the tools you need.

Revenue streams will be from corporations wanting to promote their possitive community inpact by sponsoring events.

The idea was launched during the São Paulo startup weekend event in June 2013 and was a top 10 finalist out of more than 80 projects.

This is a nonprofit project (that does not mean we can't take a salary, however that is not the principle goal). It is also a non-political project.

The Team:

Jack - Initial founder
Experienced with startups, designer, business administrator, front end development.
Englishman living in São Paulo, Brasil 
20+ hours per week

Salesman, relationships experts
Englishman living in Miami, USA
10+ hours per week

An experienced developer to join the founding team on a part time bases.
To assist in the development of the project from a technical POV, you will be responsible for all things "backend".
Experience in multiple programming languages.
To be interested in the cause and a genuine humanitarian heart.
Location: Anywhere

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea