Funded & Beta-Launched Entertainment Tech Company Seeks Technical Cofounder

Looking for: Developer, Engineer

MediaHound is simplifying the entertainment media landscape for consumers and content distributors by building a platform that facilitates intuitive discovery, simplified sharing, algorithmically driven recommendations, and user-curated actionable media playlists.


The MediaHound team is technically savvy, exceptionally capable, has a proven track-record of success and maintains strategic relationships with members of both the entertainment and venture industries. The culture of the company is driven and tenacious, but not to the detriment of moral; the start-up game is a marathon comprised of strategic sprints. When we’re not heads-down or in meetings, we’re at the white board, cooking up the next big thing.


We’re looking for someone with specific experience with the development of complex data architecture and ideally Machine Learning to come on as our technical cofounder. The current system has been built using Python on the Django framework and with a PostgreSQL Db. There are several immediate tasks, but the primary is the design and implementation of a SQL + NoSQL data layer essentially for the sake of system optimization and the improvement of use-metric tracking for the sake of more accurate recommendations (Discovery).


Our goal is to find someone with the same passion to solve the online entertainment fragmentation problem, capable of embracing the current vision for MediaHound, and augmenting our roadmap with a new technical perspective, culminating in a new shared vision. We’d love to find someone who has worked with Big Data across a horizontally scalable system, ideally dealing with the entertainment industry. That said we’re seasoned enough to know that if you don’t have the specific experience we’re looking for but have a sincere interest in the objective and have illustrated the capacity to rapidly learn, implement, and improve autonomously, specific experience is unnecessary. We’d prefer to have someone come on fulltime and that they work out of our Culver City office, but we’re flexible.


We are seed funded and have the capacity to pay, though likely not as well as your current position. As a cofounder, the position does come with a healthy equity share. As with all start-ups, there are no guarantees and there is considerable risk. Of course success is a game changer in the space and results in sizable returns. We like to think the deck is loaded in our favor.


If interested, please send us a link to your LinkedIn profile, your GitHub repository (if applicable), and your resume if it’s up to date OR a list of links to notable projects we can take a look at. We will respond to everyone regardless of our decision.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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