Front-end development for Driving App (IONIC/AngularJS/HTML5)

Looking for: Developer
Are you interested in being a founding dev for a Southern California startup? 

What we are.
A U.S (Los Angeles area) based driving app, NDA required to see more.

Who we are:
8 figure, veteran online marketers, app developers and senior (enterprise) level developer.

Our status:
We are mid-dev on said driving app.
We have an angel investor onboard and VC is coming soon.
Our expectations are to be launched in closed beta early 2016.
Java api and server is built out and ready for frontend work.

Who we want:
Are you living in the US (preferred)?
A paid (with equity) front-end dev who is familiar with app dev.
Are you familiar with Java api? We are working in (IONIC/AngularJS/HTML5) for IOS and AND.
Its possible we look into C# and Xamarin but we would need to consider timeline.

Contact me if you find this interested in hearing a bit more at
or at

Additional Info