FoodEver - Fresh Food Forever

Looking for: Engineer
We are customer focussed food tech business that allows customers to order FRESH & HEALTHY food to their desk everyday. We provide lunch and dinner meals to working professionals through our website and mobile app(under development). 

Whats different about us - (From customers view point)
1. We deliver only FRESH FOOD. No frozen shit heated up to make it look fresh. Our food is cooked fresh everyday. 
2. If you didn't like the food, we refund. No questions asked. It may be the packaging, taste or may be a bad day for you. We care about your emotions. 
3. Surprises with the meal. We surprise our customers by gifting them a couple movie ticket or a free monthly grocery and many more such delightful offers. 
4. If you food is cold, don't accept it. Our food is always warm and fresh. We deliver it 45 mins from the time its cooked. 

Whats different about us - (as a business model)
1. We don't own any of the kitchens that suply food to us. We use dead capacities of existing kitchen owners.We pay them for the no. of meals they make for us.
2. Our logistics are managed by an outsourced partner so no fixed cost of bikers salary or their fuel. Pay for the no. of deliveries they do for us.
3. We buy raw material in bulk to pass on the advantage of dealing with large buying quantities to our kitchens and further pass the price advantage to our customers. 

PS - Currently its run as until we get our new product ready and live. 

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