Platform to help friends find recommended freelance

Looking for: Developer

The market of gigs and freelance services are still small, but I believe it will grew in the next few years, based on the bad economy and difficulty to find jobs nowadays.

There are 50 milion freelance in the US.
The market Value is about 2.5Trillion $ industry
Click here if you are interested to know more about the freelance market.

My idea is to build an application so any one looking for specific work, services can find the right one.
Users sign in, create a profile, we verify the users by a verification process, then users can post what they are looking for.
The gigs users will sign in and create their profile post certificated or a license to support them, it will a verification process to make sure they are real people.Then sharing their profile with friends and family to create an interaction to rank and write comment about them, to give users more idea bout them.

Here is the business model :
If you are interested please feel free to contact me.

I am looking for a developer and technical co-founder

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