Self-funded small investment fund

Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Other
Shortly: I'm looking to form a group of up to 10 guys that will have enough work power as much as financial power to qualify as a "micro-VC" or "angel level" investment fund. We'd do those investments ourselves, on our own business ideas.

So this is not as much a well formed business idea, as much as establishing a base for generating and executing well formed business ideas. It starts from the realization that we've got more chances to succeed in life as part of a group rather than alone. Most businesses start with a guy having an idea and then looking for associates (cofounders) to join him.

I'm thinking on reversing the process (kind of solving a problem recursively in software if you know what I mean ;). Start with the group from the very beginning, and get to the business idea afterwards.

In order to work, I think the group needs to be rather homogenous than heterogeneous. Think multi-core processing: all CPUs work on the same problem, but the load is distributed.

So ideally I'm looking for:
- Middle class, employed guys - this is not a job, it's an enterprise that we are financing, so we need the grounds to start with.
- Experienced software developers - software runs the world and even if we're gonna do some retail business (I've several ideas in mind), software is still essential. Also if your background is ballet and have some brilliant ideas about training chinchillas to perform as dancers, it may very well have huge potential but I'll probably not understand it and hence refrain from adopting it. If we have similar background it's more likely to understand (and support) each other.
- This is just nice to have: trading systems / quantitative finance experience. I've got this background and several of my side projects / business ideas revolve around finance. While I'm in no way opposed to do anything that has the potential to make money, I recognize that capital markets have an enormous amount of money and also it's much more easy and convenient to buy and sell stuff electronically compared to the horrors of physically manipulating objects :)

So if you interested, write me a message and we'll talk.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea