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Foodie Shares - gourmet food sharing by home chefs

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person

How is Foodie Shares revolutionary?  Foodie Shares is the fun and easy way to share and find amazing dishes made by your friends and neighbors.  (It is not another recipe or food porn app.)

Foodie Shares enables home chefs and budding food entrepreneurs to share their favorite dishes with others for free or for a fee.  In other words, people who like to cook can share their dishes with others whenever they feel the urge to make great food.  The Foodie Shares app handles contact and inventory management to help make sharing easy.  

Users can choose to follow cooks and be notified whenever their favorite cooks post a new dish.  Cooks can establish a community of followers who then quickly comment on or reserve their dishes.

There are no quotas or costs to join Foodie Shares as a cook, consumer, or both.  Cooks who choose to charge for their dishes receive 100% of whatever they charge as a direct deposit into their bank or PayPal accounts within about a week. 

Download Foodie Shares today and start sharing great food with your friends and neighbors.

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