FlowerGuru.com: The Right Flower, For The Right Situation

Looking for: Designer, Developer
As a guy growing up, I found myself in too many unique situations. An awkward relationship, a sister with a birthday (every year, if you can believe it), and too many special occasions to count. In all of those instances, I never knew what kind of flower to send. Yes, I'm a closet romantic. There are tons of flower-websites out there, but each is like a massive Pintrest board... too many options. In this day in age, the customer almost has too many options. Welcome, FlowerGuru.com: The Right Flower, For The Right Situation. Think Auto-Trader meets Flowers.

It started with the domain, and grew from there. FlowerGuru.com was built off of WordPress under a simple, pre-defined logic-tree code-base. With a series of easy-to-answer questions, the right flower will be presented for purchase at the end-page. Breakup? Wedding? Anniversary? No worries - the logic would spit out the ideal flower choice, or choices.

I took this concept to about the 10-yard line. I had it hooked up to an affiliate-model of one of the flower big-boys, but never spent the time matching the ideal flowers to each situation (a decent amount of work). Years and many other projects later, this one has fallen by the wayside. FLOWER GURU is trademarked, with out-dated WP code, and in need of new life.

What I'm looking for is a developer-partner who wants to take this on with me as a 50/50 partner. Someone who can redevelop the code, help me put together the admin panel (can outsource the flower matches, or do it ourselves), and make this a simple marketing website that offers a simple code-based service, letting others do all forms of fulfillment. The concept can then be taken to other "Guru" models... think HeadphoneGuru.com, WalletGuru.com, etc.

The website is live, FlowerGuru.com:

Example sequence: Her -> Girlfriend -> Anniversary ->Multi -> Love... and then the flower options would (if I had completed it) show up on the right-hand side. You would click the option, and it would take you to an affiliate site checkout page to purchase that exact flower arrangement. 

I appreciate you checking it out. Eager to hear any ideas.


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