Floating BioSpheres: Survival in Luxury

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person

War is coming.

Drought is here.

GMO are destroying our food supplies.

Fracking in poisoning our water.

Fukushima has killed the Pacific Ocean - and its coming to you next.

“fully self-contained living while hiding in plain sight”

The Concept

• Custom designed floating barges created from standardized components that provide a self-contained, self-powered, secured living and working environment.

Floating Biospheres ® provide “iron-clad” protection against flood, famine, war, radiation, and government collapse

The World Today

• December 23, 2014: In the last 24-hours, there have been 25 major earthquakes worldwide

• The USA has again been covered in sub-zero arctic storms that have shut down the entire East Coast • Fires, floods, volcanos are occurring constantly now around the entire world

• Switzerland’s banks are now charging customers to keep their money in the bank (negative interest)

• The USA is in a dozen wars worldwide (the USA has not won a war since World War Two)

• The USA and EU are each in trillions of dollars in debt

• Unemployment in the USA and EU is over 50%

• California, the breadbasket of the USA (and most of the world) is in a severe drought - millions are suffering What do Floating Biospheres ® Offer?

• We offer protection against the storms and floods that are covering the entire world

• We offer safe and reliable food production for you and your family

• We offer self-powered, self-contained electrical systems

• We offer fresh air and water systems, completely free of toxins, diseases, radiation

We need seed money to test our equipment:

US$ 100,000

We expect (after testing) that it will require to build the prototype and get sales and marketing up and running:

US$ 3.5 million dollars

Who we are

We have 30 years in corporate management, consulting, banking, finance, construction, real estate, accounting - what we lack are sales and marketing professionals. 

Additional Info