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Condii - Conclusion with boredom. Agree, as you wish.
We are now starting to support people all over Europe. Dating_Apps were yesterday, condii offers more.
If you want to do something against boredom and loneliness, then "condii" is exactly right. Especially when you are new to a city or often commute between different places, the app helps to quickly bring new leisure partners together and make contacts. Alone in the musical or concert? This is a thing of the past with "condii".
The handling of the app is very simple. In just a few steps you can search for interesting activities or set your own appointments. Users of the app can also enter exact search criteria, for example, to find the right sports partner. Also, other profile details, such as the age and additional details on the planned activity, help to find exactly the right fitters who fit perfectly.
The idea for the app comes from Wilhelmshavener Volker Windhorst. At the beginning of 2015 the development of the app began with the Frankfurt-based company modular design, whose CEO David Ebers was just as enthusiastic about the idea. The focus was on simplicity of operation and attractive design. The goal of the two founders was clear: Satisfied users, who can modernize their leisure time with a modern application. "We have created exactly the app that we had in mind from the beginning. Easy to use ", says Volker Windhorst and his business partner David Ebers adds:" We are not yet at the end of the development.
A Pro version with further interesting functions is already in the implementation. The new app "condii" is free and is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Further information can be found on the Internet at

If you are interested and if you have checked the app, please contact us. In this moment we do not earn money. So we will not pay you and we do not pay us in the next months. But you will get company shares for your work.  

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