FingerDine Digital Customer Engagement Solutions for Restaurants, Hotels & Retail

Looking for: Developer, Marketer, Sales person

FingerDine International is a cross-border South Africa-India conglomerate that offers an Innovative Integrated Customer Engagement Platform for the Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare Industry. The company’s vision is to be a Leader in Customer Engagement Platform for Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare.

FingerDine embraces latest and fastest growing Tablet and Mobile Marketing Technologies along with the Social Media Engagement and help the client in achieving its goals for improving productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction by providing technological solutions and services for some of the key processes like:


Table Bookings & Management, Point of Sales solutions, Paperless Ordering, Customer Feedback collection & analysis, Customer Loyalty and Customer Engagement, Social Media Marketing for increased ROI

     FingerDine Digital Feedback Systems Collects feedback efficiently in an eco-friendly digital concept & helps in understanding customer likes and dislikes more effectively

     FingerDine Loyalty Rewards Systems Increase repeat customers. It delivers flexible, customized, reward and bonus programs

     FingerDine eMenu systems Innovative iPad based e-Menu solution that replaces paper menus at your outlet. Improves the operational efficiency and enables smooth ordering.

     FingerDine Mobile Apps for Restaurants View Menu, Digitize the table bookings and reservations from customers, pushing offers, alerts to customers in an effortless way

     Social Media Marketing Kit Creating and maintaining your brand presence on various online platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

     FingerDine Unicenta POS Systems– Immediately record any and all sales. Apple iPad based/Android Tablet based POS systems is more economical, trendy and portable than traditional POS systems.

     FingerDine GuestService Concierge- Provides Customers make request relating to any preference before and after arrival. The hotel room is decorated to meet guests’ particular tastes and preferences.

      FingerDine Room Service App- Access to Hotel Room Service, Loyalty Club, Check-in, check-out, Ratings & Reviews, Entertainment, Local tourist information etc

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