Find and book tour guide in minutes

Looking for: Designer, Developer
Currently, there is no online platform to find and book tour guide services in Malaysia. Tourist and travellers have to book expensive travel package that is not flexible in terms of time, group size and many more.

      Our solution is GuideME, a platform that allows traveller to choose their preferred local tour guide for a memorable travel experience. Traveller can find wide range of tour guide by identifying their personality, reviews and expertise. The benefits are:

1.  Local knowledge and insight: travellers can learn the local culture and tradition directly from th local tour guide. Local tour guide can also help you to blend in with the locals
2. Design your own tour: Traveller can design their own tour and work directly with local tour guide to make the best itinerary that suits their interest.
3. Affordable:  There are no additional fees or hidden costs as travellers book the tours directly with tour guide. 
4. 100% qualified professional local guide: our tour guide are 100% qualified pro tour guide. No amateurs.

I would like to meet anyone interested to work with this project. Thank you for reading !

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