Financial coaching for niche industries

Looking for: Sales person
I want people to manage their money better.  I want the statement, "I hate numbers," to be taboo.  I want people to hit the ground running with the first payslip they receive, saving large portions of their salary and building up a substantial asset base which generates great returns so they can leave the workforce whenever they want.  I want women to be able to take time off work to raise children because they can afford to, not because they married a rich man.  I don't want people ever needing a payday loan.

I am NOT interested in setting up a financial advisory firm where you sell products.

I'm a qualified accountant and I have the expertise to do this.  What I'm not good at is the hustle.  I'm looking for someone who's interested in helping me create a tailored version of this idea for specific industries and companies - for example doctors, bankers, plumbers - and get us sharing our message with people as soon as they start earning.  I need someone who's interested in personal finance, who can sell an idea, and can see the really long-term potential to create a huge organisation of consultants who may end up working closely with schools and government to revolutionise financial education.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea