Fill a glaring need in the language translation market -- a global problem

Looking for: Advisor, Product manager, Other
Creating a company to fulfill a glaring need in the language translation market (a need that I have seen, and am currently experiencing in Colombia) -- a global problem. There are others trying to fill part of this gap, but no one doing what I'm suggesting. And even if there happens to be a company out there with the exact same idea, their SEO is dismal, and they have not reached out to the most obvious and fruitful referral sources.

This is a massive need that is begging for someone with a solution. I have that solution. I can reveal the special sauce during one-on one conversations, but not publicly. While this is a people/service business, it's virtually all work-at-home ICs. The employees, referral sources, and clients are right there for the picking. It's a slam dunk. Very few companies have such early advantages re: personnel, facilities (or lack thereof), business development, distribution, and relationship with government (tax/healthcare breaks).

I am a marketing, sales, business development professional with the mix of creativity, logic, professional empathy, and problem solving you might expect from someone who is ambidextrous. There is no category below that is accurate for my co-founder, but I'm looking for what I am not -- the President-type who oversees day-to-day operations (Management, HR, Accounting, Legal, Facilities, etc.). I am searching for a co-founder who fits that mold.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea