FeelRank allows businesses to track the public's feelings and engage them in a friendly setting.

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Marketer
On today's social media platforms, businesses find themselves unable to engage customers in the way they were promised. Many are simply finding these platforms to be yet another place they need to purchase ads.

FeelRank is a discussion website similar to Reddit, Digg, et al., but with the emphasis being on one site, many discussions. This no-repost way of organizing multiple discussions around one link rather than disparate repostings of the same link to start a new discussion leads to a opportunities to engage customers in an environment where they're already discussing your site, product, etc. Rather than an intrusive add you can simply have a place to discuss with customers and potential customers directly.

Also, because FeelRank's ranking system is based on if a user feels positively or negatively about a site/company/article/etc. and users are encourage to change their rank as their own feelings change, we have a live picture of people's feelings on each link along with reasoning via their discussions.

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