Fantasy Sports Application Looking for 1 More Developer/Automation Tester

Looking for: Developer

A while ago two of us met here on this site with some vague ideas about a fantasy sports application. We started talking and quickly started working, picking up more talented developers along the way, and fast forward to the present, our application is production ready. We just launched Fantasy Nation, offering Champions League fantasy football tournaments for an early group of friends/tester last round and plan on introducing a larger number of users in the EU for the next round.

The product is stable and we have a laundry list of features and improvements to add as the season progresses. But as we continue to build and the user count grows, we foresee ourselves getting stretched pretty thin. This whole time, we’ve been working on this product in our freetime, while working full time dev jobs. We’re currently weighing our options for raising money, or quitting our jobs to pursue this full time, but another option, would be to find another talented developer who would like to join the team for a little bit of equity, and help us take this product into the future.

We’re looking for one more developer/automation tester familiar with node and typescript, to round out our core group; to help make sure our product is tested and stays bug free, and help as another developer. Chai, mocha experience a plus. Unlike a lot of other projects here, we’ve already laid the groundwork and done a lot of the hard work already. We need someone to help us make it to the finish line.

Tech stack: node, typescript and angular

There is currently five is us on our remote team. I’m in the United States and the other members are in Ireland and the UK. We need someone who is self motivated and driven. Questions are good, but you need to know your job and own your part of the application. We can’t have someone who needs to be motivated to do their work, as we all look at each other as partners. You need to take it upon yourself to improve the workflows / process / code in the areas you own and become a vital member of the team. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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