is live/generating sales and is for people shopping for stuff men love

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer

The process of finding something to buy is so time consuming; the average person spends 1.62 hours researching a purchase.  The market is saturated with mass market junk and online retailers are missing the point; too many options reduce satisfaction.  

What if there was a destination that allows one to discover unique and appropriate products to buy using criteria that actually matter; the recipient’s lifestyle and personality traits.  One destination that has it all. From gadgetry to fashion accessories, cookware to athletic gear; a discerning selection of experiential gifts, all packaged with a sense of style and surprise.

Revenue is being generated when goods are sold.Essential Man utilizes Drop ship vendor partnerships at 20-50% retail margin so that 90% of the items being sold have no inventory risk. 

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