ERgent: Emergency Room Wait Time App

Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
I'm looking for a serious dev. We're also in contact with various investors, and would love to get started as soon as possible. Our team has decided to go back to use founder2be (where we met other members) as our first stop in our search! You'd be a member of a very strong startup team, and if you're qualified, we'd love to have you - you'd also have the opportunity to s

You accidentally cut yourself cooking. You trip, fall, and your wrist is now killing you. You can't stop throwing up. What do these three things have in common? An ER visit. Want to know what else? The fear of the dreaded 4 hour wait to see a doctor. Now meet your solution: ERgent.

ERgent is an app that uses an algorithm that uses wait times, traffic, and other variables to make sure you don't spend time sitting at your nearest ER, but instead find the one with the shortest "Door to Doctor" time nearby, so you can get in and out. We are currently out for Android, and you can give it a test there, as it is currently in it's beginning stages. We have quite a few ideas for development, but I'm looking for a cofounder who works with app development, so we can get this app to an even larger market, specifically with iOS. 

The beta is set up and out, so is the website, all the company information, etc. I also have all the data for the algorithm and everything like that as well. I'm looking for a cofounder that has a passion for creating a beautiful product, and someone who is both innovative and goal-driven. Any questions, contact me!

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