Entertaining mind and body fitness solutions for Europe

Looking for: Biz developer
I have launched a company in France, called Ludifit,  to distribute innovative and entertaining fitness solutions, imported from all over the world. The exergaming concept (exercising + gaming) has been created in the US more than 10 years ago but the competition in Europe is scarced ... for the moment.

It is important for the company to work european wide. That will be a major asset to differentiate and raise suppliers and investors' interest. The goal is to have subsidiaries in the UK and Germany in the short term.

I am looking for a business partner in the UK, with capital (at least 30K£) and business development capabilities. The target customers are gyms and health clubs, corporate gyms, and luxury hotels. Any experience of these industries, especially fitness, would be greatly appreciated. Like myself, my future partner will be on this project full time and will have shares in the company.

My partner will have the responsibility to develop the UK market by marketing and selling the innovative products which are on Ludifit's offering. My own focus is to develop the French market, to add new innovative products, and to continue working on the european development of Ludifit.

Sense of humor greatly appreciated as well!

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