Enterprise collaboration platform designed to help organize, manage and share information.

Looking for: Designer, Marketer
Modern companies are built on information. Yet, they are notoriously inefficient at organizing, preserving and delivering it, which leads to an array of issues that bear direct impact on productivity and the bottom-line. Traditional Intranets and file-sharing services are unable to address the problem effectively.

Meemim is a platform that fixes this issue.

Meemim is an enterprise collaboration platform designed to help teams and businesses organize, manage and share documents and information. It is an effective documentation delivery tool, wiki, share drive and Intranet combined into a single, visual, user-friendly tool.

Our product is on the market in the public beta. We've made $30,000 in ARR sales before receiving support from Microsoft and pivoting towards the "freemium" model. We are tracking 30 active client and about 500 sign-ups.

What we are lacking is a solid marketing leader. We are engaged in various marketing efforts, but they could be amplified by someone who:
a. Understands startup marketing
b. Has energy and acumen to deliver results.

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