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Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
Supercharging English and making it accessible to everyone.

*LOOKING FOR AN INTERIM CTO*...to architect the initial MVP and then work on an advisory basis. Competitive salary and equity incentive offered. >900 English experts already registered and 1 million qualified provisional users ready for post-launch marketing. Currently in stealth-mode so pre-qualification and NDA required prior to disclosing our comprehensive business plan (video pitch, pitch deck, user interface & functionality design, competitor research etc). No Agencies Please. 

English is the language of business and increasingly becoming the language of the World. The language learning market is worth $205B, of which English accounts for 60%. 

www.englishperfected.com is a revolutionary platform that connects i) learners with other learners for free, ii) learners with appropriate expert tutors, and iii) learners, professionals & businesses with English experts to conduct proofreading, editing and copywriting on demand. The model solves several of the problems that are currently experienced by traditional language marketplaces. We're positioned to dominate the $123B English market at exactly the right time (before it explodes due to globalisation and the increasing reach of the internet).

I'm currently raising a pre-seed round, in addition to looking for an experienced software engineer / architect that could build the MVP (with a small team), or indeed someone with sufficient acumen to become my CTO. The MVP needs to enable us to enlist our first intake of experts, gain some traction and make refinements prior to scaling. Video conferencing, private and group messaging, online payments, scheduling, file exchange and feedback / ratings are all early stage requirements.

With >900 experts already registered, our monthly commissions will rapidly exceed the $500K mark; which will allow us to attract an A-List team, in support of achieving our next round of funding and building a World class product.

I've conducted significant market research and have developed a robust strategy to outperform the multitude of existing English education & services platforms. My pitch deck and proposed user interface presentations are readily available to pre-qualified investors and software architects.   

If you're interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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