Empower young adults to travel, professionally develop & engage in social responsibility globally

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer
Young adults must proactively expand their possibilities regarding future career goals and utilize continuous professional development in order to succeed in today’s economy. The traditional 9-5 is no longer waiting for emerging graduates. With more than 50% of recent graduates unemployed or underemployed, globalization is a chance to enhance one's career opportunities through explaining one's mindset.

How does one broaden one's horizons? Information & Inspiration. Extrospection will empower young adults and the like to explore, learn, and professionally develop with a global mindset while engaging in social responsibility. Extrospection will mediate between young adults and organizations abroad in order to provide opportunities to go abroad and increase one's skills. In addition, explorative readers will see different lifestyles, unconventional career paths, and entrepreneurial endeavors from around the world on website.

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