Email Outreach Platform SaaS

Looking for: Designer, Developer
I would like to work with one or two others to develop an email outreach platform as SaaS. This product will allow a user to find websites and / or influencers based on specific search criteria. Results will also bring in website and / or influencer social data and contact information. The user can then refine the results, set up email templates, personalise templates, personalise email, send email with email automation sequence. Track opens, clicks, replies. This is the basics of the platform.

Typical use cases:
I want to find influencers on Instagram. 
I want to find journalists to write for tech publications.
I want to find bloggers in my industry. 

Having worked in outreach for 6 years the current solutions are not efficient and I believe there is a lot of scope for improvement to take email outreach to the next level.

Competitors are and

I can take care of marketing, sales and business development. I am interested in hearing from developers, engineers, designers. This will be founded together with sweat equity mainly. Get in touch and let me know if this interests you.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea