Email 2.0

Looking for: Developer
Let's face it, email hasn't been updated in forever. Email 2.0 (name & brand to be determined)  should be accessible via Microsoft Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android Apps. 

New Features:
- Sending a blank tiny white custom named image file that we can then integrate if the message has been open/read integrated into each email.
- Emails sent in HTML can be deleted up until the person has read it.
- Email bump, a special additional to the subject (be it a particular character or spacing or something..) that allows a person receiving a message to bump the message back to the top without having to find it, foward it and asked them if they've read it.. The feature is called "bump" and bumps the message back to the top if they haven't replied. 
- Chat. If emails are going back and forth and not over a certain amount of characters the messages are changed from regular emails into "Chat" for easy back and forth, removing both parties signature from teh chat window displayed. 
- Task. Integrate tasks, due dates, next steps into the email window.
- Easy Calendar scheduling.
- Topics. Easy way to file emails to be listed into certain topics. Pages that have all the emails on the particular topic and attachments related to it all in one place. 
- Look at the application MindNode.. a similar way of dragging messages in to particular areas and files necessary to map out everything you need to know.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea