Electronics Embedded and FPGA design services

Looking for: Biz developer
My comany Emtech www.emtech.com.ar is already generatiing revenue (we are a team of 10 engineers now), but I am the technical type and not the business development type. This means I did not have a clear business plan, I have drifted off into technical developments without a clear goal, not developed potential spin offs from out designs, and have been stuck at the actual state for some time.

I know our technical capabilities, work ethics, knowledge and experience are valuable, but I am not strong in exploiting this to grow my business. We are now the core technical team for an American start-up, which gives me confidece we are at the technical level required to develop quality products and provide valuable servcies. I also have a network of consultants and partners for complementary services, such as mechanical engineering, finite element analysis, image and signal processing, communications, etc. 

Intially, I am looking for partners to help me develop the business and find clients in the locations where these servcies and capabilities are valued: US, Canada, UK, rest of Europe. I believe we have potential to grow and also use the core technical team for different projects later.

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