This project will allow teachers to collaborate better with students, tutors to collaborate with students, and even students to collaborate with other students. This project is going to be a web application/website where people can sketch work for problems and share them link - based. So say you wanted help from your friend for a math question, it would be hard to show and explain the work behind the problem. If you used EduSketch, you could
1) Record the Screen
2) Record your Voice
3) Sketch the Work
4) Publish via link
5) Share to Facebook, Youtube, etc.
So this web application could also turn your sketch into plain computer text. This would work for problems such as chemistry, calculus, finance, etc. anything Math based. Or even if someone wanted to share a drawing or such they could use the web application. The magnitude of contributors will allow this project to expand to different schools such as MIT or GT and colleges so that teachers and students can use this. This is really important to me because it will allow students to analyze work on their own after class and look at other students work to grasp a better idea of the concept. This will allow them to better understand the concept and the work their teacher did. It will also help students who need help with their subjects. It is hard to show work for math problems, chemistry problems, etc on the internet and share it. So by creating this project, it will allow for easy sharing of subject work which creates a better understanding of the concept. The project will also create a library of saved links. So if a student needed help with an algebra question, the student could search the library for a link that has the work for a similar question that is like his original question therefore he can understand how to do the problem.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea