Eboard Secure Mail \ More Secure than Email

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Come and join me in building an exciting new secure communication platform! Visit the beta at eboardmail.com!

In a world where secure communication has never been more important, we see the pitfalls of insecure messaging systems. Incidents like the Sony and DNC email hacks show us just how vulnerable we are to private or proprietary information being stolen or otherwise misused. Among the many dangers we face include phishing and spam emails that encourage unsophisticated end users to fall into traps that divulge their login credentials or bank account information. The Eboard Secure Mail system seeks to resolve these issues with a simple solution.

In the Eboard Secure Mail system the end user will get an interface like any webmail client. It will have all features that current email has including but not limited to an inbox, outbox, sent items, mail organization and searching capabilities. 

What the system will not have however, are messages in transit. All communication will stay on the server while creating a simpler security posture that enables us to secure all messages at the point of origin. In order to notify users of new messages there will be either a desktop or mobile app that employs a secure push notification to let users know when new messaging events occur. The actual content of the message would only be available via the website and not divulged through this notification. 

The second main feature of the system will include a permission based contact management system. In order to send another user a message or receive one, you both have to accept each other as contacts. This will ensure end users know each other and all but eliminate phishing and spam email.

Future features after beta release include a subscription based group messaging system. How many times have you been added to a thread of messages that you never wanted to be part of? In this system you will have the option to opt in or out of group conversations or silence them if you don't want to be bothered for a specific time period.

As you can see the sky is the limit and we can revolutionize the way businesses and individuals communicate. For further information please shoot me a message and I can also send you a slide deck that includes more info. 


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