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The world of online freelancing is the ultimate resource for any business or startup (i.e. the clients). Hiring online is cheap and gives you access to a quantity and quality of talent that you couldn’t find anywhere else. However, making efficient of this resource is difficult. Many clients don’t know how to write a professional briefing, how to find the platform best suited for their project, or how to choose a freelancer from the masses. They also come in contact with unexpected costs and scammers. It’s a world of conflicting interests and causes clients to waste a lot of time, money and effort.

With EasyBrief we give these clients a high quality tool with which they can make efficient use of online freelancing. With our app the client is able to easily write professional briefings for any kind of creative project and quickly find the online freelance platform that’s best suited for their project, budget and needs. EasyBrief also advices the client in how to choose the right freelancer from the dozens or hundreds of offers (i.e. project bids) they receive.

Our team is currently looking for an Developer who's interested in helping us solve this problem we're trying to tackle. We're still a very early stage startup, so the idea is first for us to come together, see if we can/want to work together, discuss possiblities and opportunities and then create a MVP a.s.a.p!

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