E-Commerce Solutions to Luxury Publishing

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There is an increasing need to assist established luxury brands and specialty stores into e-commerce solutions. Many specialty boutiques have made online sales a crucial aspect of their business structure, if not the fundamental foundation of such, however,  many have not. These succesful businesses, in order to increase their sales and market presence, often create fashion editorials with their best selections. Sometimes, these businesses must outsource a rather large team of contributors to create such editorial proposals, increasing costs of advertising, marketing and production and not guaranteeing succesful sales of all products.

However, a publication like ours, with a dedicated team of creative professional talents, can bridge the gap between the client and their desired product with the integration of e-commerce solutions to such editorial proposals. Not only will our publication be a press outlet but it will also be a crucial element in the control of our partners' (brands) inventory,  minimizing costs associated with overstock and production. For emerging brands, the crucial aspect of promotion through press exposure will significantly increase brand awareness and profitability. As for the creative industry in general, it will create numerous paid  job opportunities on a more consistent basis.

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