DopeHut - E-Commerce/Social Media/Payment Platform - Benefit Corporation for Charity

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Engineer, Product manager is the technology division of  

DopeHut is not a non-profit. DopeHut is a Benefit Corporation that donates 50% of profits. This allows DopeHut to contribute a significant amount of profits towards charity, while still being able to expand like a traditional corporation. DopeHut chooses to donate 50% to represent our goal of sustainable philanthropy. 

DopeHut is a proof of concept for a new model of sustainable philanthropy. As one of the first Benefit Corporations in America, DopeHut must prove that this model is actually feasible, sustainable, and beneficial. Curing diseases is a clear goal that relates to EVERYONE; the eradication of disease is a goal that can be objectively measured. Although the eradication of disease is DopeHut's main purpose, we are still highly committed to continuously improving our environmental standards and serving our community. is built off the platform.  This unique platform combines E-Commerce, Social Media, and Payment Processing into one simple integrated solution.  Levarging open source technolgy, DopeHut is able to create a incredibily scalable and vialble IT company.  DopeHut is looking for engineers or any silicon valley expert interested in this exciting historic opportunity.    

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