Disruptive Social

Looking for: Developer

Kobe is a disruptive social media technology platform that can finally help out micro SMEs with annual turnover even as low as $10k and up, something that no social publishers have yet been able to achieve. And this will involve aggregating all social voice inventory from mass public social media users.


Kobe will disrupt the social influence industry, a breakthrough technology agnostic to social media publishers (whatsapp, facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc.), that connects social mentions or comments to respective businesses.

Kobe believes that everyone has the power to influence their individual social circles in a more trusted manner than paid bloggers/influencers; and that businesses should have the freedom to how much they’d like to pay for to get organic, non-vetted social mentions, or check-ins, rewarding end-user in the process.

Kobe has 2 patented algorithms, creating an unfair advantage - blue ocean strategy around.

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