Discover who you are, give honest feedback and find where like-minded people spend their time

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer
A key to each human's success is knowing intimately about one's own personality. However self-reflection in order to gain a better understanding about one's personality is an extremely daunting task for many of us. Feedback from the people who know us the best is, for many, the only way to know more about one's self. However how do we give and receive feedback about personalities and behaviors appropriately and in a helpful manner?

Profile seeks to be a unique mobile feedback service which allows all of us to gain a better understanding about our own personality and behavior while providing valuable information about where like-minded individuals spend their time, congregate and live.

Profile will bring together already socially connected individuals in a way that is honest, but not hurtful in a safe and empowering way. This is not another attempt at a Yelp for people as every user is a unique human being that is comprised of many dimensions that aren't simply rateable in a way that any service or product can be rated.

Along with the base feedback system Profile will create a whole new way of discovering where users can find like-minded individuals to allow for an easier social experience for many. Imagine knowing before you go out in a new city, go to move or just go for coffee somewhere new that people who are similar to you are already spending their time there, enjoying life and sharing many of the same emotions and feelings as you are. Profile will make all of this possible.

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