development of Facebook causal-game with existing profitable prototype

Looking for: Developer, Engineer


 We are a two-person team that has developed a successful casual-game for the Russian social network – the game has over 800,000 total users, about 50,000 monthly users, and revenues of around $100K/year.  Our current plan is to adapt this game to the English audience and to release it on Facebook. Our market analysis shows that games of a similar genre that are currently on both networks have 5 to 40x as many users on Facebook than on (which is not surprising given the relative social network sizes.) So we are hopeful for our Facebook release! We are also working to improve the graphics and sounds in the game’s Facebook version and have recruited RISD-educated artists and NY radio scene sound editors to aid us in this effort. 


 We are looking for a qualified programmer(s) that would carry out the development effort for this project. We are looking to rewrite both the back and the front ends of the existing game, plus connect it to Facebook using its API. We are open to both pay-based and percentage-based compensation structures depending on your fit, qualifications and interests.


 Front-end:Action Script 3, Facebook API, Previous experiences with graphically-rich interfaces

Back-end: Linux, Apache, MySQL, Memcached, PhP, skill in setting up and configuring servers, databases, etc.; knowledge of socket-based servers is a plus

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea