Deliver outcomes based, treatment cascade informatics to drive drug market expansion.

Looking for: Advisor, Developer
The traditional pharma sales model is dependent on personal relationships where customer access is increasingly limited, managed care and formularies limit field sales effectiveness, increased government payor sources result in fewer decisions driven by physicians and share of voice among competitors is increasingly hard to win.
For market leaders or first to market entrants, they can disproportionally benefit from a market expansion strategy versus their competitors. With unbranded, disease state education, pharmaceutical manufacturers are not limited by some of the FDA / DDMAC regulations limiting branded promotion.  Increasingly, companies are shifting marketing dollars to unbranded efforts.  
As pharmacoeconomics and HEOR gain traction as message drivers, marketers need tools that support how their product can deliver on real health outcomes. ACA, HRSA, Medicaid and Medicare are all increasingly looking to evidence based medicine to steer their decisions. 
Uplytics will put the tools in the hands of the sales people, managed care personnel, and marketers to allow them to tell the story of improved disease management in a compelling way not currently being offered in the marketplace.
Interactive modelling tools will show impact on patient populations, costs, and outcomes customized to each customer's therapeutic area and customized to their population whether that be one private practice, a hospital system, a department of health census or managed care organization.
These will be first to market modelling tools that today's EMRs make possible. The time is right for this disruption.
Let's talk about your ideas and where you could fit in this model.

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