Deep Space Transport is democratizing space travel

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Other
The mission of DST is to create space transportation that is "safe, quick, convenient and economical". To do this requires development of a "Spacedrive" that does not require propellant be dragged along with the spacecraft during deep space travel (space outside Low Earth Orbit).  We are now poised upon the brink of a revolution in technology, that can give us this Spacedrive within 2 years, a working demonstration in space in 3 years and commercial applications in 4 years.

My expertise is in philosophy of technology. I got involved in disruptive technology/advanced propulsion research back in 2003, and was hired by the Advanced Aerospace Research Center to surveying all the proposals to provide what NASA calls in its Breakthrough Propulsion Physics project from 1996-2002, a "Spacedrive" or propellantless space propulsion. During that study I found the only scheme that met my criteria for investment--that the scheme have both peer reviewed theory and traceable lab evidence--was the 
Mach-Effect physics
 of Dr. James F. Woodward at California State University at Fullerton. Since that time I've collaborated with Dr. Woodward though we are not working together on a solution for commercialization.

Over the last 9 years, I have done about 14,000 hours research into the materials and manufacturing techniques necessary to produce a commercial Mach Effect Thruster (MET) and though the challenge is significant, the goal is obtainable.
I have a business plan that includes two smallish projects that can be completed in less than a year so the leadership team can earn some early wins with Kickstarter money, and the necessary requirements to then take this the next level and gain DARPA funding to build the lab and construct the TRL6 phase one demonstrator and eventually the TRL7 phase 2 demonstrator.  I also have several other IP's that can be developed, but to start there are three to be pursued during the first 2 years, including a new dielectric material, a UHF MET design, and a proprietary radiation hardening technique.

I'm seeking partners with strong business backgrounds (MBA), project management  (MPM) experience, technical skills (PhD's in EE, ME, AE and physics), intelligence, cyber-security and corporate counterintelligence backgrounds to contribute in various positions including as cofounders as well as core employees that likewise earn a share in the equity.  

I am not looking for anyone who needs a 5 year exit strategy. After the technology comes to market, we intend to take this the next step and begin to develop proprietary spacecraf
t.  T
his is our mission.  
Also we'll be developing the second generation thruster which will have much higher figures of merit and may even be able to fly directly from the surface of the Earth, removing all need for dedicated launch vehicles and opening the terrestrial market through applications such as flying cars. The mission, is to create safe, quick, convenient and economical space transport, and this means mass producing spacecraft such that these craft cost no more than today's commercial aircraft. 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea