Dare.City - Making generosity a lot of Fun

Looking for: Designer, Developer
The Ice Bucket Challenge according to me was successful for the following reasons

1. Show support for their favorite good cause by doing a dare

2. Have the opportunity to donate for the cause
3. Easily nominate others to do the dare
4. Get to see your friends/family/famous celebrities in a funny/compromising position.

Dare.city gives an opportunity to do all of the above, as well as the following items:

1. A Popular aggregator for Non-Profit causes online
2. Gamification model to support charity.
3. One stop to see how Nonprofits are contributing to their community.
4. Actionable donations for donors to choose how the funds donated will be used.
5. Lead Generation Platform to get new donors involved

To see how it is possible, please see the prototype video of how I see it.

Additional Info