CTO needed. 10,000+ users already. Now need to go mobile.

Looking for: Developer
Socialisting has 10,000+ users. It is a social marketplace with listings for things like jobs, apartments, stuff for sale, work spaces, etc. Think of it a Craigslist where you see stuff from your friends and their friends.

The site was launched 5 years ago and designed by Hard Candy Shell. It has 10,000 users entirely via word-of-mouth and has thousands of listings. But it only exists on the web.

It's time for it to go mobile. And it's time for it to get a CTO (been doing contract work) who wants to be a partner in a proven concept.

About 75% of Socialisting users are women. A large part of that is the safety aspect from content being socially filtered. Only those within two degrees of separation from you can see your listings and log ins are all through Facebook. That's very important for finding a safe roommate, for example. For that reason, women with a background in app development are strongly, strongly encouraged.

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