Cryptocurrency Fund Co-Founder

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Our new, private hedge fund already has 2+ years of results showing it could consistently deliver 90% to 215% annual IRRs. We’re starting that fund’s shakedown cruise. During the process of launching that fund, one of my advisors mentioned they’d like to discuss co-founding a cryptocurrency fund with me. The crypto fund will use our especially unique forecasting methods in remote viewing with my co-founder’s own forecasts in the explosive cryptocurrency markets.

So now, my new co-founder of our cryptocurrency hedge fund and I are finding each other. I’d like to badge or co-badge with my company’s name, Soul Rider. We can domicile the company in any nation. Malta, for example, is friendly to crypto funds, but there are other nations, too. It’s to our advantage to make public this division of the fund.

Because of my existing methods using remote viewing, market volatility is one of our best friends. Your role is our expert at both forecasts and trading. You’re a wizard or wizardess with trading strategies, projections, financial forecasting, and spreadsheets. Given the expert credibilities of the scientists and researchers I know, I’d anticipate launching with especially significant AUM. I’d like to quickly scale into eight figures.

You've already been a fund analyst, manager, and trader. Using the 2/20 compensation we’ll split, anticipated earnings for each of us could be in the low six-figures in the first year. You'll be the only person in your role. You must be especially articulate and intelligible in both your spoken and written English.

We need your 9+ years of *solid* experience with hedge funds and financial trading. If your background doesn't make you the right candidate, you could also refer someone you know who has it.

Now:  You, I (and everyone) deserve to be excited about, and happily and regularly surprised about what we do. Among other resoundingly-scientifical management methods ours include remote viewing. No, remote viewing’s not about geology ;-). Remote viewing is  discussed in the new book, “The Premonition Code”, co-authored by a leading, international research scientist and a scholar from King’s College in Cambridge, England. My published, leading scientific advisors, our legal counsel, and leading lights in our fields tell us they've never heard about or seen a company like ours with its specific and proprietary approaches.

If you're new to the field of remote viewing, it's unlikely you'll quickly find anything on the web about it which is worthwhile, scientific and unbiased. You’ll likely need to talk with me for the most excellent references about it because I’ve studied it for many years. Like any and every field of human endeavor there are sometimes artful differences in methods, but there’s also outright wrong information. Wikipedia is studiously unscientific and destructively-biased so don’t waste your time with it. True and real science is not for everyone. We should never expect it will be.

My management company doesn't have a significant web presence. Of course you’ll already have a complete, especially professional LinkedIn, as do I.

We’ll be signing a mutual nondisclosure agreement. As my opening question to you I’ll ask, "Please share with me the single most scientifically-inexplicable experience of your life?", so please be ready to answer that.

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