cryptocoin payments

Looking for: Advisor, Marketer, Sales person
delivering real world value stabile crypto currency payment. (no credit card, or other exchange methods needed)
This idea is about a creating a secure new crypto-currency which is bound to the value of one of the high volume currencies.
The big problem about crypto is, that people fear losing the value if they stay in crypto. So even merchants which offer bitcoin payment sell the bitcoins instantly to get USD/EUR. So the normal bitcoin merchant offer is just showing the current BTC value of the USD/EUR noted product.
For example:
A merchant sells a product for 100 USD which is worth 0.013 BTC, the merchant's shop will show you tomorrow the price of 0.015 BTC because the BTC-USD exchange rate has changed. If you bind a crypto currency to the price of USD there is not motivation to jump through currencies.

BUT you need an institution which offers this guarantee. That's where Ethereumbond is going to deliver a solution.
There are a lot of regulations making crypto currencies a pain. But as long as you stay within one of these crypto-currencies there is pretty no regulation at all.

Don't hestiate to drop a message. :)

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