Crypto Bank In Helsinki Finland

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person, Other
I am developing and launghing a new bank in Finland Helsinki. The idea is to open a bank that uses blockchain technology and crypto payments for both retail and corporate customers. Customers can also invest in funds, stocks and crypto curencies and they get advisory for this (face-to-face and web meetings). 

The crypto market is not suppported by banks yet and at the moment if you want to invest in them its all up to the customer to find all information. Sounds easy but actually its pretty complicated. Like in any other investments most of the customers dont know what they are doing and want help from a trusted advisor before making any decisions. This is the new big thing in investment world where customers need help and they are willing to pay for this service.

I work in a bank at the moment, being in charge of product development. I have seen first hand how "stone aged" banks payment systems are and this will change dramatically. People are getting more and more interested in crypto currencies and bigger news papers are starting to write about them. The need for customer advisory services for these topics will be in high value as you dont get that anywhere else at the moment.  

I want to be the first to open a trusted Finnish based bank with modern financial blockchain payment system in place where customers can also invest on them with great advisory at hand if needed. 

I need a partner on this and it has to be someone who knows the market and has long experience. I am the one with this idea but there will be alot of job for this but the end result should be way worth it. 

I am in discussion with a possible funder for this project who wants to stay as an angel investor´/ mentor. The person has 35 year experience of investing to start ups and their company helds two funds of their own with total value close to 1 billion and their head offices are in Helsinki and London. 

I have a business background from a private bank in a major Nordic bank and currently I work in Product development. I know what is needed for great customer experience as well as whats needed from a future bank. 65% of current companies are unsatisfied to their banks way of handling their money transfers wordwide between different banks. There are also many people who want to invest their own or company money to crypto market and this needs good advisory service to many customers. 

I need someone who has the passion, know how and willingness to work long hours for this. I am not the most experienced on this market, nor do i have experience of this size project but I have the idea and possible funding for this in place. Now I need the right person next to me to make this idea fly high. Eventually and pretty fast we need to hire many people but for now I am looking for that business person and co-founder.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: over time (>40h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development