Crowdscore - connecting businesses with new and existing customers

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Crowdscore fills the ever-important (and ever-growing!) need for businesses to communicate effectively with their existing and potential customer bases. The products on the market today like Yelp, Citysearch, and Urbanspoon, foster a culture of one-way communication in which people are motivated to share their experiences only when it lands on one extreme of the scale - wonderfully delightful or disgustingly horrible.

The Crowdscore user experience offers an engaging interface that makes searching for new places an easier, even enjoyable experience. But perhaps more importantly, Crowdscore makes sharing your input both easy and rewarding. Users can identify others with whom they have similar taste and follow them to see updates on their scores and lists and other activity. This allows every user to build their own "crowd" based on their individual tastes making it even easier to discover new places to love. (recommendation engine and similarity index for both users and venues to come online at a later date)

For businesss, Crowdscore offers a suite of tools and analytics to empower owners to become community managers of their customer base. The format of the feedback from the Crowdscore consumer interface is carefully crafted to collect data in a meaningful way that exposes insightful, actionable content. This enables businesses to identify what's working and what isn't and make adjustments as necessary to ensure each of their next customers have the best experience possible. Moreover, Crowdscore offers communication tools that allow businesses to interact with customers (such as a "second-chance discount") and market their offerings to new customers (such as first-time visit specials). 

Crowdscore transforms the interaction between business and customer into a two-way, ongoing conversation in which both customers AND businesses benefit. 

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