Crowdfunding for Youth Activities

Looking for: Developer
I own a fundraising company, my Boosters Fundraising. For the past 10 years, we've been helping youth sports and activities like schools, booster clubs, and teams raise money with a coupon card product. This program works extremely well - 95% of our clients come back every year. 

The problem? Most youth activities raise money this way, selling things to people at arm's length. 

The solution?, a new crowdfunding app targeted at youth sports and activities. Check out the video on the home page for a quick demo of how it works. 


1) We already built the BETA! We're looking for seasoned Drupal 7 developer to take on the role of CTO. 

2) We already have an established name and a client base who will use ALL of our clients want to use And they should - because their feedback helped us create it! In fact, we have not encountered a single school activity director who said they wouldn't use it.

I'M LOOKING FOR A PARTNER to take over the development and use Lean Startup principles - Learn, Iterate, Test. Repeat. We are doing some Pilot Fundraisers, and learning a lot for our next round of iterations.

Youth sports and activities is a market where nobody even knows what crowdfunding means. Let's build an amazing product, and dominate this space!

Please reach out with any questions. I have an open door policy :)



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